Jewelry Care


Diamonds last for forever; sadly, silver has a hard time keeping up…

My jewels are made with care and by hand. I package and send them with the
wish that they will last for a long time. To do so, I would like to give you
some advice on how to treat your jewelry.

Silver by itself is not a hard metal. This makes it easy for me to shape it
into the form of my designs. But it also means that it is unavoidable for
silver to get dented or scratched. It is always possible for silver to be
repaired and polished by a local jeweller or goldsmith.

Silver also has the natural tendency to oxidise. Dark spots may eventually
appear on the once white grey surface. This stain is removed easily with a
silver polishing cloth, or a silver bath solution. It is also desirable to keep
your jewelry in a soft-lined box or pouch. Try to keep your jewelry pieces
apart when storing them to avoid scratching the surface. Do not keep your
jewelry box in the bathroom or another humid place. This could speed up the
oxidising process.

If your jewelry is treated with a plating of gold and or rhodium, it is best
to keep it away from other chemicals such as nail-polish remover, perfume,
hairspray, detergents, skin creams and cleaning agents. Even though plating
slows down the oxidation process, the piece will not be immune. Do not polish
plated pieces with cloth though, look for a silver-bath solution instead.

It is important to realise that plating is a thin coat over the silver
surface. It is not permanent and will rub away over time. How fast this will
happen depends on your personal habits and the exposure of the pieces to
chemicals. It is therefore advisable to take off your jewelry while showering,
swimming, sunbathing, cleaning, or exercising.

Do not worry too much though, a plating is not a one-time trick. It is
possible to bring your cherished jewellery to a trusted jeweller or goldsmith
for the piece to be plated again.

With this information I hope that the jewelry you have both from me and from
others will live a long life and shine with your smile.


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